The Politics of SALT

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Added salt exists in almost every canned/preserved food. Salt and postassium are both needed in the body. The politics of salt becomes more muddled because not everyone is salt sensitive. I have high blood presssure but my salt intake does not appear to make a difference. I am more sensitive about postassium. I will easily get cramps if I dehydrate or my postassium is too low for too long. I also use lite salt and am ok with the taste. For those of you who may be salt sensitive, conisder the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet. This diet aims at a maximum of 1500 mg of nacl a day. There is a wealth of free materials on the diet, including recipes and links to studies indicating its efficacy. Following is a link for those who might be interested:

What Is the DASH Eating Plan? - NHLBI, NIH

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Originally Posted by dread77706
Intravenously, yeah. 30mg/kg of potassium chloride would lock-up your heart tout-suite.
But I sincerely doubt VitoVino is injecting his daily potassium.

Orally, the LD50 of potassium is 2.5g/kg. A 180lb man/woman would have to consume 200 grams, or over 40 times the RDA of potassium to get to that level. Yummy!

So Vito, relax and enjoy your salt substitute(s).
You're gonna die, we all die -- eventually, but it won't be from 'No Salt' potassium poisoning.

If you knew my relatives, you'd be worried. They're salt happy.
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Originally Posted by tandoorichicken
Vito- go easy on the No Salt. It's easy to OD on potassium using that; too much potassium can stop your heart.

Good advice for everyone else as *I* track my potassium intake daily.

I see a lot of people saying don't use potassium salt, period, when after all what they are saying is "Make sure you don't overdo it." And "Make sure you don't take in too much at one time."

I average about 5-6 grams of potassium a day, and my sodium is about 1.8-2.4 grams a day. That's a great balance.
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