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Default Nut & Seed Bar Nutrition Facts

Does anyone know roughly what the nutrition facts are for those failry generic Nut & Seed bars you can get at some grocery stores / healthy stores? I know it won't be exact but I haven't been able to find a rough idea of what it may be.
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I was hoping someone would chime in here, but I think we'd have to know a little more info about the bar in question. There are such a large number of variables--what size? contents? I just don't think anyone can venture a guess. If I needed to make a WAG, I'd probably Google a Nutri-Grain bar or something similar and go with that.

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I agree with Michael that we would have to know more about the type of bar you are asking about. A lot of the conventional bars have more carbs than other, more "health food" types. I eat a few different varieties of natural or organic bars that have about 225 cals, 3.5 g fat, 36 g carbs and 16 g protein. The back of the package should have the information you are looking for or you can google the brand name. There are lots of sites on the internet that will give you a basic breakdown but be careful to check more than one. I have found the breakdowns can vary a lot depending on the site you review. The best way is to review the back of the package.

I've often found that for my body, I am better off eating a whole food instead of a bar. Sometimes I don't feel as full on 225 calories of a snack bar as I do on 225 calories of chicken or something else.
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I've found that if you google almost any brand name food, you can find nutrition information for it. It's best if you go to the manufacturers website. I've found information for both Trio bars and Kind bars, are either of these what you are looking for?
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Some of them can be quite high in fats and sugar, so take a good look at the lable if those components are an issue for you.
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