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Vacation Fast Food my ideas. Yours?

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Default Vacation Fast Food my ideas. Yours?

Hello. In about 2 weeks I am going to go on vacation by car. I will have two whole days in the car, going and coming. I am traveling with family so I already know we will be stopping for breakfast as McDonald's and Lunch at KFC. I am starting to look at what I should eat. Here is my criteria. It must have a good amount of protein, and not just a snack. I will have snacks in the car. I try to eat balanced, so I am looking for protein and carbs.

So these are the options I found so far. Mainly I've done lunch. I did not write all nutrition, just Calories- Total Fat, Carbs and Protein.
McDouble 380-18-34-23
4 Buttermilk Tenders 490-26-22-39
Artisinal Chicken sandwich 380-7-44-37
6 piece nuggets 270-16-16-15
Buffalo Sauce 30-3-0-0

KFC Grilled chicken
Breast 210-7-0-38
Drumstick 80-4-0-11
Thigh 150-9-0-17
Whole wing 70-3-0-9
Wedges 270-13-34-4
biscuit 180-9-22-4

Burger King-
Grilled Chicken no Mayo 360-07-39-36
Veggie Burger No Mayo 310-7-41-21
10 Piece nuggets 430-27-27-20 That was my typical go-to oops
Value Fries 220-10-31-3 Also common, but not much nutritional value

Do you all have travel fast food go-to's and recommendations. I know I have to work on my Breakfast better. I see that the McMuffin is highly rated, but I would always choose sausage not ham on my own.

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I believe that McDonald's has an egg white mcmuffin to choose from for breakfast too. I'm not positive of the meat on it though. I'm sure you could customize it if you asked. I always liked Subway's breakfast options. I can't remember if they do muffins, or if it's just flatbreads for breakfast. I liked that it was custom made to order. I always loaded it with veggies and went for the egg whites there too. Good luck and have fun on your vacation!
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Thanks. Your reccommedation has me wondering something. Has this forum come to any great understanding if Egg Whites or whole eggs are better. I've heard both. I also saw on Amazon there is even a Protein Powder that is pure egg whites. But I know that a lot of people think that there is some good stuff worth keeping despite the extra fat in the yolks.
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There are nutritional differences, yes, between egg whites and whole eggs (in a sandwich, for example) but the biggest difference to me is the difference in calories.

The Egg McMuffin made with egg whites is 250 calories, the one made with whole egg is 300 calories. Doesn't sound like much but if you're watching saturated fat, the egg white option has none!
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whenever you travel, i suggest always order veggies with your meal such as light salads. Ensure you eat the salad before your main burgers or chips etc. drink more water. Avoid soft drinks. This will help you in eating less of the other high calorie food.
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give some weight loss tips
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