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nopeda 05-07-2017 03:45 AM

To eat, or not to eat questions, etc...

I'm 58 years old and have just recently begun thinking about what I guess is good fat. And good cholesterol? I had though that some fat is less bad than other fat but that all of it is bad...not that any of it is actually "good" for you, and that good fat actually helps reduce bad fat. I never would have guessed that one. So now instead of eating cookies or cakes for desert I'm eating peanuts and a banana, or raisins. And have changed from eating low fat lunch meat to including tuna and salmon and sardines.

Something I'm wondering about now is, is it sometimes better to eat some foods in addition to, not just instead of. Like is it better to eat northern beans and blackeye peas in addition to whatever else I would eat instead of just not eating them? And what about the olive oil? Is it better to eat that than not to? And the clam chowder? And pork and beans and chili beans? And I'm really curious about the minestone and cream of mushroom soup. From my ignorant pov looking at the nutritional info it appears that it would be better to eat those things than not to, and also the clam chowder. And probably the olive oil. Does it have about 12g/12% of good fat even though it's not listed on the label?

A. Cambell's home style clam chowder
B. Cambell's healthy request chunky clam chowder
C. Cambell's healthy request minestrone
D. Cambell's healthy request cream of mushroom soup
E. Betrolli extra virgin olive oil
F. Great Value chunk light tuna in water
G. Double "Q" pink salmon
H. Beach Cliff sardines in water
I. Beach Cliff sardines in soybean oil
J. VanCamp's pork and beans
K. Grea Value blackeye peas
L. Bush's Best chili beans
M. Great Value great northern beans
N. Great Value dry roasted peanuts
O. Jif creamy peanut butter

Other basic questions:
What about when it says 0 fat even though legumes or whatever are supposed to have good fat? How do they not have any?
Can anyone suggest what to eat to help build testosterone back up?
Is one better than the other, peanuts or peanut butter?
Are red grapes the best grapes to eat?

Thank you for any help learning to understand all this!

Kathy13118 05-07-2017 04:04 AM

'What about when it says 0 fat even though legumes or whatever are supposed to have good fat? How do they not have any?'

I think that when something says '0' fat, although there is some fat in it, the reason for the '0' is the portion size. The fat for the portion size is less than some boundary (I don't know what) set by the USDA when they calculate nutrition. If you doubled the portion size, you might see fat show up, even if it wouldn't be much.

This isn't going to apply to something like black coffee, which I don't think has any fat for a few servings (mugs-full or cupsfull). I could be wrong but I don't know that there is any fat there.

About testosterone: ask your doctor. There are plenty of people who will try to sell you something but it's going to be a waste of your money. Horomones are not so easily manipulated solely by eating foods.

The foods you ask about all have calories so if you're concerned with weight, the number of calories they add to your diet is important. Fat (oil) is particularly high in calories (fat has 9 calories per gram weight, while protein and carbohydrates each have just 4 calories per gram - big difference!)

Olive oil is a 'healthy oil' but eating a lot of it is going to add calories to your daily intake, so that's worth keeping in mind. People tend to have strong opinions about oils but olive oil is kind of a safe good choice because it figures in a 'healthy' Mediterranean diet.

Grapes? I'm not sure that there is a best choice, color-wise. They all do taste good, though, don't they!

(As for beans: great fiber! Which is good for your health...)

mnge 05-20-2017 06:54 PM

Thanks for starting this thread David. Have a lot of tomatoes and asparagus this week. Has anyone had bad weight loss results from eating lots of these? From a quick google they look healthy but just wondering about others experience with them here. Thank you for anyone that wants to share

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