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hamzamed 04-10-2015 06:38 PM

Top 5 Ways to lose more weight
Top 5 Ways to lose more weight

1. Select the time your meal .... you eat at a rate slow for 20 minutes only in the diet .. This is one of the best habits that help reduce weight. Try to savor every bite food

2. Whenever you sleep a lot more weight .... sleep reduces the number of extra hours in the day would reduce the weight of about 7 kilometers each year, according to a research university of Michigan, which confirms that sleep reduces the calories rate of 6% and sleep works the other way in the number of hours of few sleep raises appetite human ..beks sleep a lot

3-vegetables .... before dinner is advised to drink lemon juice, eat a dish contains three types of vegetables, it is possible to eat your fruits also before dinner .. This is a great way because the fiber tissue and water feel human satiety and thus helps reduce eating a calorie High heat .. and do not forget No. 1 ..

4. step to reducing sugars ... Replace sugary drinks such as soda water or natural juice Vokha ..sov provide 10 units of sugar .. study confirms the provision of more than 450 calories from this step only ..pma equivalent to the loss of 1 kg each month.

5-Shrink dishes ... reduce the size of the dish makes you eat less Certainly if the dish the size of a small eating and infused it gives the impression that a lot of food and you Schbabmejrd you finish it ..galba the service on an fullest

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