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shaydy01 08-06-2013 01:45 AM

Big Jolly Rolly Happy Mommy :)
I may be Happy, but unfortunately my bodies not. It's telling me to let go of some of my lovely lady lumps and get it back to the toned flexible body it use to be. My poor body, I love love love my food, and have forgotten to eat like a woman, instead I eat as much as my partner.

I look forward to re-learning my portion size, watching what I eat with the foods I love to eat, and re-educating myself to a happier healthier body (Not Me - I'm already Happy).

This site is ideal for me, joined three day's ago, I'm motivated and excited. I look forward to reading everyones threads and posts to keep me motivated.

Exciting Stuff
Shaydy :):D:):

shaydy01 08-07-2013 04:31 AM

Day 3 of my weight loss programme, and day 4 of joining this motivational site. I'm feeling realy good which is great as I've been really tired and lathargic in the last couple of weeks due to no exercise, overeating and unmotivated. I'm thankful that I have made the decision to watch what I eat and make a change. I appreciate sites like these and have done myself a personal blog on google to diary in how I feel each day and keep track of sending myself positive motivational posts. Thank God for the internet to help me in my Journey :)

topspally 08-07-2013 07:28 PM

Thanks for the note, it helps to have folks out there rooting for me. I am cheering for you. Good for you. Day 3 of the rest of your life. I bought a food scale this morning because I couldn't figure out how else to portion control. I am lucky to be able to buy that for myself. I am fighting for my life, I figure. I also have neighbors with chickens that need healthy food, so when I only eat part of a banana (or what ever), they said I can give the rest to the chickies. I feel like food is all I think about right now, but I know that will change. I am going to try to learn to play the guitar and hope that helps take my mind off things.
Good for you for making a positive change in your life. One small change at a time.

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