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FVOC 05-27-2013 12:00 AM

Brand New to FitDay Online
Hi All,
Been an on again, off again FitDay for PC user for a few years. It was a grat program to record information into, when I was at my PC. Now that there is an online version, I hope to keep my info more accurate. (That was an issue when my PC version, I was lazy in recording my activities and food log)

Anyways, just signed up for premium as there seems to be a lot of benefits with that. A little about me first, I'm 5'10" and about 194 lbs, 48 years of age, and BMI 28.65. As most sites say I am over weight and by BMI should be lower, a recent dr's visit also has my LDL a little higher than it should be. Time to take action.

I've tried the Paleo, and JJ Virgin "food plans" (I hate word diets), with some success. I don't eat bad. My "sugar" daily is sweet n low in my morning coffee, and that's it for day. Not into sodas, or desserts, or candy at all. Never had been. My issue is I can lose weight (and gain it) pretty fast, but I get down to about the 188-190 area, and I stop, no matter what I do, or eat. Been to the doctor's office and took blood test. My creatitine level was little higher than normal, and my LDL was a little higher than normal, hence why I'm here.

My goal with all of this is that I would like to get down to about 174 lbs by 31 Aug. I believe I can lose 20 lbs in 3 months. I need to up my "activity" level and burn more than I take in. Not doing any diets either, I'm just going to monitor my food intake (through food log), and watch what I eat more carefully.

Now (26 May 13) Weight = 194.0 lbs
Goal (31 Aug 13) Weight = 174.0 lbs

Any suggestions/recommendations would be welcome,,,,back to reading more success stories

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