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  • Hi All. I am a 43 year old father and grandfather. I weigh 360 lbs. I have decided to get to 220 lbs. I have given myself until my Birthday 2014 which is about 12 months from now. I know it is a big order. My hope is to make at or near my goal. If anyone has any tips for using this website to my advantage I would very much love to hear them! Thank you for a site like this.
  • Welcome. Yes, you've set quite a goal for yourself. There's a weekly motivation thread that starts new each Monday. Feel free to join in there if you'd like.

    Here's how I got started on FitDay:

    1. Under the weight tab, enter your weight.

    2. Under the activities tab, choose your basic metabolism. (For instance, i chose 'Seated, some movement.") Then choose sleep as an activity, and enter how many hours you usually sleep a day. Then you can see how many calories a day your body burns. (So if it shows your body burns 2000 calories, if you eat more than than, you'll gain weight; less than that and you'll lose weight.)

    3. At the weight goal tab, enter your goal weight and date. Then at the bottom of that page, look at the calorie restriction tab - that will show how many calories you need to spend a day (either through eating less or exercising more) to reach your goal by your goal date.

    If your base rate is 3000 calories, and it shows you need a calorie restriction of 1000 to meet your goal, you can either eat 2000 calories a day or do activities that burn an additional 1000 calories a day, or a combination of calorie reduction and exercise.

    4. Enter everything you eat into the food log.

    5. Enter any additional activities you do into the activity log.

    At the bottom of the food log page, you can look at the calorie balance tab to see how many calories you've eaten vs burned for the day.
  • Hi there, Jimmie! Welcome aboard! Here's a link to current version of the thread Carolynn mentioned: 7 Day Motivational Thread starting May 13: Getting Our Groove Back. A new thread starts every Monday, so look for a new one tomorrow. Hope you'll consider joining in!

    Edit: Here is the new thread for this week ---> 7 Day Motivational Thread starting May 20 - Stay Strong!


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