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missjmiles 05-02-2013 07:43 AM

Newbie from SoCal!
Hey there FitDay! My name is J and I once was very fat. I also was rather skinny, once. Basically, I decided to start getting healthy a couple of years ago. I counted calories, shopped/cooked organically or locally grown, and worked out (HIIT cardio and weight training) on a mostly daily basis. I lost weight seemingly effortlessly and enjoyed the process. Eventually I got down to 145 lbs, a size 6 and was still not okay with my body. Looking back, that was crazy of me! I looked so healthy and strong in pictures and I was happy, endorphins high! Somewhere along the lines I started dropping out of my healthy habits and then a few life experiences hit (graduation, the loss of a loved one) and BOOM: Gained 50 lbs in two years. Yikes! I see myself slowly scaling the mountain back towards obesity and unhealthy life. Basically, I'm back onto the forums because the BIGGEST part in my original weight loss was developing close bonds with a couple of girls online. We would talk on practically a daily basis about our ups and downs and (as we all know) weight loss is easiest with friends!! This worked best for me because I like to be alone at the gym,so it's easiest me to 'lose weight with friends' via the internet. So here I am, looking for people to connect with and talk to (relatively often) and to work together towards our healthy weight loss and fitness goals.

If you're interested and would like to start a thread with me shoot me message or reply to this and let's get in touch! Yay!

carolynnq 05-02-2013 06:56 PM

Hi J. You might want to check out the weekly motivation thread. It starts fresh each Monday. People post their goals for the week on Monday, and then report back on their successes and missed goals. People are very supportive there. I find it very helpful to publicly report in about how I'm doing. After not making my exercise goals for the previous two days, last night I got my exercise in between 10 & 11 pm last night because I didn't want to have to post another day missed. You'd think I'd do it for myself, but honestly, I would have let it slide again yesterday if I wasn't reporting in. Also I've gotten a lot of good ideas from other people there. It's interesting seeing how other people set and manage their goals.

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