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Leesy101 04-01-2013 05:33 AM

Stop using my medical condition as an excuse
Hey guys!
I've just joined FitDay and I am loving everything about it. I figure I will be a regular on these forums, so here's a few things about me:

I have always struggled with my weight, my entire school life I was the "funny fat chick" and deep down I hated it. I have Congenital adrenal hyperplasia, and the only medication I can take is a steroid which means my weight will always be a little high for my tiny height. When I graduated, I spiralled out of control and lost a lot of my excess weight with laxatives and obsession.
I managed to maintain a healthy weight of 50kg-55kg from ages 18-22 (I am 5ft, so that weight on my height still looks pretty chunky).
I am now 24 and since moving out with my boyfriend my weight has sky rocketed to 66.3kg. I was mortified!! I've started riding my bike for about 40 mins at least four times a week and am completely changing my eating habits. My endochronologist also said Xenical will help with the effects of my medication so I've been on them for a week now. My aim is to be 55kg in June. I'd love any tips or stories, especially for anyone that has the same condition as me or has to take a steroid treatment.


carolynnq 04-01-2013 05:19 PM

Hi Leesy, and welcome! I don't have your problem, but just wanted to congratulate you on your decision to take control with diet and exercise. Bike riding is great exercise. Logging everything I eat into FitDay really helps to keep me honest about what I'm eating - and makes me think about my food choices.

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