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eternalflame32 03-22-2013 07:30 AM

I am a planner! Some background info and some tips that I'm currently using.

My name is Lisa and I am 30 years of age. I am not new to the struggles of being obese, as I have faltered in that area for the past nine years. I was put on medication and went from a healthy weight of 160 too 240 in four months! YIKES!
That was back in 2003 and I ended up having emergency gallbladder surgery because of gaining so fast. I went on LA weight loss back when they had the centers where I live. I lost forty pounds in three months from being so dilligant.
Now nine years later and I weigh 282 and I would love that frame of mind back I had when I was 21-22 when I had lost forty pounds in three months. Of course I have learned a couple of weight loss tricks from experience.

1. Don't weigh so often now I want to weigh only at the end of each month once.
2. Keep goals and food realistic, if you can't do salads every meal then don't do them you won't be able to for life.
3. Make it a lifestyle commitment
4. If you change your mind you can change your life!

So those are some tips I'm in the process of using myself.

I am a planner though, so already I planned out that I'm doing yoga twice a day at forty-two minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening. I can do this no problem plus it keeps my mind more balanced and centered and I feel relaxed.

I also have Hypothyroidism and now being checked for Mono. yuk!



carolynnq 03-22-2013 07:54 PM

Hi Lisa! Good "tricks". I'm weighing myself once a week because I want to see some progress. But so far, even if the loss is 0 or 1 lb, I'm staying motivated because I've been meeting my daily goals (less than 1500 calories, no sugar or white flour, & an hour of extra movement a day), and even with 0 or a small loss, my clothes are looser.

In the motivation section of the forum, there's a weekly motivation thread. Members post their goals for the week - not how many pounds they want to lose - but what steps they're doing to get there. Some people post their daily food plans. Then people report back in about how they're doing. A new thread starts each Monday. I find posting my goals there helps to make sure I do them (especially the extra movement one).

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