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whathaveidone 03-11-2013 06:07 AM

Trying to stick with it!
Hi I'm new here.

So I decided to start trying to lose all this weight I've gained. What I have discovered is that it goes on a darn lot quicker than it comes off, and losing weight in one's forties is MUCH harder than in one's twenties! Eurgh.

I've been cutting back on my intake since Feb 9th. I started at 159lbs and after a big initial drop (5lbs in a week) it's slowed waaay down and I'm at 150lbs as of today. Lots more to go until I reach a point I feel more comfortable with.

I've cut my intake down to eating between 1300 & 1450 calories per day, and with sensible choices and a multivitamin & mineral tablet I am managing to get all the nutrients I should be. I'm not as hungry between meals as I have been in the past on this sort of healthy-but-low-calorie eating plan, and my weight loss progress in the last 3 weeks is only about half of what I've managed in the past eating the same sorts of things and amounts. Frustrating! And I imagine it will only get slower as I near my goal. I guess my metabolism has slowed a lot thanks to my age and also my past bad habits of cycling between binging and restricting. I am so through with that, and this time determined not to fall back into those old traps and vicious cycles. I've been following this binge-restrict pattern for about 20yrs now. :(

Along with the eating I'm walking an hour on the treadmill each day (3.5 - 3.7 miles). It's the only exercise I get other than throwing a vacuum cleaner around every now and again, as I'm seated all day in my job.

Yeah so that's me. Hope to be able to receive a little support here, and give some support back too. :)

carolynnq 03-15-2013 01:05 AM

Hi whathaveidone, Congratulations on your weight loss and for committing to do it in the first place. Boy, do pounds ever go on easier than they come off. I'm focusing on meeting my daily goals (diet and exercise) and trying to avoid putting too much attention on how much I'm losing. I'm hoping that will help me to develop some lifelong habits (at age 61, I don't want to have to lose a bunch of weight again!).

There's a weekly motivation thread (starts new each Mon.) where people post their goals for the week and then report back with how they're doing. There's a lot of encouragement there.

whathaveidone 03-17-2013 04:20 PM

Thanks carolynq. :) Yeah I know what you mean... I've been down this track so many times of gaining and losing and I've had it with all that. Far healthier to maintain somewhere than yo yo around. It's gets harder to lose every time too.

I shall hunt down that thread you mentioned.

I've just edited my post as I realised I said I'd cut down to eating 1300-1400 calories per week rather than day. Whoops!

joaniej75 03-21-2013 03:57 PM

Hi I am Joan and new here today---you sound alot like me. I sit down all day too---and occassionally vaccuum--lol---I have around 32 pounds i want to get rid of but I need motivation and support. I'd be happy to keep in touch and keep you motivated if you'd do the same for me

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