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CindieLouJackson 03-03-2013 10:12 PM

what does "calories lifestyle" mean?
what does the information "calories lifestyle" mean? Does this indicate how many calories I should consume in order to "keep" my weight at my current level?

carolynnq 03-04-2013 09:38 PM

Yes, your calories lifestyle shows how many calories someone of your height and weight needs to maintain their body weight if they are sitting all day, doing physical exercise all day, or whatever.

However, I'm not sure that sleeping is factored into this. I chose my lifestyle (mostly sitting with some activity) - that gave me about 2100 calories. Then I made an entry for 7 hrs sleep and that brought it down to 1900 calories daily.

So theoretically, if I eat 1900 calories a day, I should stay at this weight.

Iíve been trying to have about a 7000 calorie deficit for the week (eating 1000-1500 calories daily) and making up the rest with exercise and other activities. That should result in about 2 lbs a week weight loss - which is what Iíve been losing - so that tells me those numbers are about right.

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