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row2 02-04-2013 03:11 AM

Hi to all!!
I have just passed the first week at fitday, and truly could not be happier!! Two of my friends have also joined in the last week and are equally impressed with this website!!!!
I am thrilled to let you all know that I am 10lbs lighter! I actually weighed on x-mas day 2012 and was 230lbs then. Not expecting to join fitday, I only logged the weight in on Jan. 26th last week 2013, but obviously have been loosing weight since then. I actually lost 5lbs in the last week!!!! Working out hard.
I really don't care if it's 1 or 5lbs, just to know that it is gone is a
great feeling. I did not think I was even capable of loosing
anything-at my wits end!!!
Really feels good!!
I am reading some awesome stories in fitday land! Keep it up,
and absolutely NEVER!!!! Give up!!

Sunshine Smiles because Lighter is Brighter.

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