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sho420 01-20-2013 06:02 AM

Question about sodium
Alright so I log my food everyday and today it said that I had like 2100mg of sodium. This didn't make sense so I looked through my food list and added it up with a calculator (since most of my food only had 30-50mg of sodium) it equaled out to over 1000 LESS then it was telling me my intake was. They are both under MG so one isn't a larger amount then the other. I just don't understand how this works? Why is it telling me my sodium is so high when I added up the same food and it didn't equal that? I only ate one thing with high sodium and that was some meat. Everything else was extremely low. So I know there is no way I had 2100 mg. Plus like I said i added it up and they are both under MG so the amounts are not different and it didn't equal 2100. I got a little freaked out when it said I was only supposed to have 1500 mg a day of sodium and it was telling me I was so far over, it didn't make sense because none of my food was high in sodium but one item.

Anyone know why?

sho420 01-20-2013 07:55 PM

I just logged my first item for the day and it had 30mg of sodium. Yet when I go under "Total Nutrition" it says that I have had 93.81mg of sodium, that is more than triple what the food I logged had. Oh I had a cup of coffee it had 0.6mg of sodium. I just don't understand where this number is coming from...

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