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agebhard 01-08-2013 08:45 PM

New and needing encouragement
Hi guys!
I'm 2 years old, weighing in at 140 pounds right now and I'm 5'7. I used to be a gymnast at 130 pounds, and right now that is my weight goal. I enjoy working out, but I am very inconsistent with it. I tend to find every excuse in the book I can to work out...maybe it's not working out with a team like I used to? Regardless, let me know if you have any words of advice, encouragement, or even want to say hi! I also love hearing about new recipes:) I'm definitely a foodie but now is the time for me to say goodbye to all my favorite treats. Healthy recipes welcomed.

Kathy13118 01-09-2013 05:11 PM


Maybe you're a twenty-something that lost your second digit?

From what you say, I'm guessing you'd get a lot of mileage out of joining a class at the y, or finding a walking group to walk with (you can post something at the local library and maybe get some other people to join you). There may be some informal sports teams or groups in your town that would like to have you join.

Food-wise, it's all calories, so look at the zillions of books of low-calorie recipes out there, or just check out the food blogs ('low calorie blog' is a good search argument on Google). I myself tend to go for high-fiber, low-saturated fat, and often no-fat items. It makes for uninteresting stuff (although I like the taste) but it allows me to 'splurge' on a regular meal in any restaurant.

Good luck! But 130 lbs at 5'7" seems like a really low weight, but it's within normal range, so go for it.

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