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disneyhopefulrun 12-20-2012 03:16 AM

Advice wanted.
HI, i'm 19 years old and weigh 277 pounds, i really need help with my lifestyle. :(
I'm going to college and living at home, though it is hard to eat right when my family is as big as me, and eats all the bad foods. I work full time in a grocery store, and would love to hit the gym more, but my emotions hold me back. If anyone would give me advice on how to change my lifestyle, that would be great :)
Also i want to take up running/ walking daily,

Kathy13118 12-20-2012 03:35 PM

Since you work in a grocery store, you may be able to get a discount on the food you buy there. However that works out, working in the grocery store will be an advantage. You can take time on your break to really look at some food items and compare their nutritional values. You can bring fresh vegetables and fruits home and make it a habit.

Going to college means time spent studying, which is a sedentary activity. Even more important to make walking a habit. Is there some early morning or late evening walking group in your town? You can call the local Y (even better, join, and get active there) and ask if they know of any walking groups. You could check a place like craigslist and see if anyone is looking for an exercise or walking buddy. You could even post such a request yourself. Try to make moving more part of your life.

I say that and yet, I have a difficult time doing it myself. Maybe a time management problem for me!

sherski 12-26-2012 08:05 PM

19 year olds have lots of energy!
I have to agree that working in a grocery store could be an asset to you! You are 19 and will not be living at home forever (we hope!) I bet once your family sees you walking and eating salads- or whatever- they will start to look at their own habits! Especially as you get thinner and fitter! Plopping down at the family table to eat mac n cheese every night might be the lazy/easy way to go, but where has it gotten you so far? You gotta start packin' your own lunches, whippin' your own simple dinners up, having healthy breakfast stuff around you can grab.

Think about one or two of your thin or fit friends for an example. What would they eat in one day? What would they DO in one day? At 19 I rode a bike to college and walked the campus with a back pack. I worked swing shift in a warehouse or waited tables. At 19 you can be as active as you want to be for the most part. The more you find ways to move, the more lee-way you will have with what you eat. I can't stress activity enough. I never thought the gym was all that fun, actually. I would rather jog, bike, skate, ski, hike, or ANYTHING else besides go to a gym. I worked in them for years, too. Walking is free and you can do it anytime. A leisurely stroll is not what you want. You want to do a warm up- like 3-5 minutes, then walk hard/ walk mellow/ walk hard/ walk mellow/ with a plan to work up to a good one hour of "walk hard". Maybe first you only get 10 mins in. Try to go up a hill and down a hill, if you can. Go every day! As the weight comes off, you can start really slow jogging. That's how it goes. One day at a time!

sassysweet25 12-27-2012 04:26 PM

Welcome! Any lifestyle change is hard and we as people in general don't like change. I am a small baby step person. When I first began my weight loss journey I went out to a meal everyday, then I began going out 5 days a week, now I go once a week and allow myself to eat whatever is on the menu that sounds good. Take your time and relax, small steps will pay off!

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