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nosfsos 12-18-2012 01:31 AM

Hi there =)

I've been a low carbs diet and exercice for the past 3 months (lost 13kgs) and now that i see it is possible i decided to start using some kind of logger to keep track of my progress =)

I'm very happy with this site so far, but getting some strange things on my page. I feel someting is wrong but i can't figure out what it is.

I am 1.85m and corrently weight 105.5kgs, my goal is to have arround 85kg in one year. My life style is mostly seated with some movement and i do biking for 40min every day. With this info posted on my page, it says to me that i'm burning 3882 cals a day AND 3304 are from my lifestyle.... i dont thing this numbers are correct. If i eat almost 4k cals a day with the amount of exercise i'm doing ill get much bigger in no time. Also, when i check the BMI on my dashboard it says that the recommended weight for someone of my height (again, 1.85m) is between 140.2 kgs and 189.5 kgs. (thas over 400 lbs).

Any idea how to fix this? (just to clarify, on my profile my birth is set correctly and also is my height.)

Thanks in advance for the assistance =) i hope i can use this site, it looks very good

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