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Rebasmommy 11-24-2012 02:56 AM

Hey everyone! So glad I found this site.

I'm a late 40's, menopausal, 5'5, 170lb female. In 2001-2002 I lost over 130lbs on Weight Watchers. I have since put on 30lbs and feel miserable. I've tried everything lately, but determined I'm going to do this on my own! I want to go low carb, I know what my weaknesses are. It's all bread, rice, potatoes and of course, sweets.

My stress levels are high and my activity is low. I really enjoy walking and live in a walking neighborhood. I have all the typical excuses, single, working mother, blah, blah... I really hope you guys can kick my butt and get me started!

Thanks for letting me vent!:)

rpmcduff 12-04-2012 08:27 PM

Welcome to FITDAY! Two great threads I encourage you to check out. "7 Day Motivational Thread" in the Women's section and the "Did you Exercise Today" thread in the Exercise Section. You can become a part of the community and get some motivation and support by participating.

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