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Jesska101 11-21-2012 04:54 PM

Newbie Dropping In!
Hey everyone :)

My name is Jess, i'm currently living in Hampshire, UK. I'm 25 years old, work as a librarian and want to lose at least 7lbs. 7lbs doesn't sound like a lot, but i've been trying on my own for a good few months now, and have managed to lose a couple of pounds but then always put it back on again! My problem is i love food, amde worse by the fact that i have a boyfriend who also loves food and is constantly buying us naughty yummy treats. Luckily for him, he is the type of guy who could do nothing but eat for a week yet stay as skinny as a on the otherhand, i put weight on very easily. So, i'm hoping that getting involved in something like this will motivate me to finally lose those pounds, and that other peoples support will give me the strength to turn around and say NO! to hvaing pizza and biscuits every night :p

Jess X

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