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mumsy1 10-28-2012 02:14 PM

Hi I have just joined Fitday and so far looks interesting. I am hoping to lose some weight like most of us but getting to understand how everything works may take me a bit of time.
One question I would like to ask is 'how do I work out the nutrional value on items of food? I went into the link but am not sure where to go from there I can't see anywhere to write down a food item to get the value.
Any one with this knowledge I would be greatful for your tips on what to do.
Looking forward to some replies.;)

rpmcduff 10-29-2012 06:05 PM

Welcome Mumsy;
Not sure I understand your question. Are you looking for the nutritional value of a food in the Fitday database or a custom food you are entering?

For foods in the Fitday database you can search or browse for the item then click on the small magnifying glass icon at the end of the description to see the nutritional breakdown. If you add a food to you daily log (in the FOOD tab) the nutritional information is added with it and totaled with your other foods.

fatcatnap 10-29-2012 06:06 PM

When you go to the food section, you can search for many foods in the database.
It will have most basic foods.Meats, vegetables, fruits etc..
The nutrition will be included in the information.You can choose the serving size,like a cup,or an ounce to change the values.It can be helpful to have a food scale.Then you can weigh your portions when you need to.
You can also create custom foods.Fitday's database is not going to have a lot of products, so you will have to fill in the nutrition information yourself.Just look on the food label on the product,and fill in what they have.Do pay attention to the serving size.Products often have odd serving sizes like saying there are 3.5 servings of something in a can.So you may have to do a little math on some containers.
Once you have a lot of your favorite foods filled in, it gets easier to enter them.It stores your custom foods.And you can also click recent foods to enter things you've had in the last few days.Like you may have a cup of coffee every day.Find it on the recent foods, and click it.

Most food packages don't seem to have full nutrition information.They will have Vitamin C,A,and Iron maybe.You can go to product websites,and find information as well.Most restaurants will have information on their websites too.

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