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hungrilla 08-27-2012 07:46 PM

Hello everyone!
Hi there!
I`ve just set my account here and I think I like it :p
I`m a 30-year old woman living in Norway. I`m 1.65m high, weigh 61kg and aim to go down to 55 till December 31st. I hope this website and you guys will help me reach that goal.
I`ve been on and off a diet since I turned 18. At my worst I almost reached 70kgs three years ago and that is when the ring in my head rang. Since then I`m slowly losing, but uncontrolled nights out and weekend eating make it very hard. Now I`m determined and I want to get rid of about 1kg of fat a month.
I`m looking for only one, but really devoted weight loss buddy, with who I could be in touch on everyday basis.

Hadena 08-27-2012 08:54 PM

Hi and welcome! We're almost in an identical situation - I'm 5'2", around 60kg and aiming to get to 54kg by December 1st. I hear you on the nights out situation - a friend's birthday and then a family BBQ sent my weekend off this week. I'd quite happily be your buddy, it seems our goals are quite similar. :D This is a really great site and hopefully you'll find it helps you!

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