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AnnTrois 08-22-2012 01:52 PM

new to the site and already inspired by everyone else's journey
Got 60 lbs to lose and took the first steps yesterday so I'm still pretty wobbly. All encouragement is welcome! What's the best quick fix for the mid morning "I'm really hungry and don't want celery" attacks?;)

cjohnson728 08-22-2012 02:40 PM


My best thought for that problem is to prevent the hungries to begin with...breakfast that has some protein and fiber in it are your best bets.

Hope to see you around the forums!

wildbeanerz 08-22-2012 03:41 PM

Welcome! Wobby steps are better than no steps at all!

I second the protein for breakfast. Something like a greek yogurt and a piece of fruit gets me through from 7am - 11:30am without a snack.

dmartz 08-22-2012 04:16 PM

Hi Ann,

I know what you mean, even though I eat protein for breakfast, sometimes I get hungry mid-morning anyway. Perhaps yogurt at that point might help.
Not often enough that my stomach begins to expect food at that time, but sometimes it's better to eat something rather than be ravenous at lunch. A few berries, a banana, or half a yogurt work well for me.

AnnTrois 08-22-2012 04:32 PM

Thanks, everybody--

Just went for a physical to get OK'd for exercise and got the goahead, so I'll be walking this evening!

rpmcduff 08-22-2012 08:43 PM

I have been eating 3 whole eggs for breakfast. I think the combination of fat and protein keep me satiated until lunch. No morning snacks for me.

JaimeMWS 08-22-2012 08:54 PM

I eat an omelet with 2 whole eggs, an egg white, and mushrooms (or green pepper, or zuchinni, or whatever other vegie I have in the frig). The combination of protein, fat and low-glycemic carbs keeps me satisfied IFF I have been doing it for at least a week and preferably two. The first week or so my body is unhappy and sends hunger-craving signals because it wants and expects the combination of fat and simple carbs that it was getting before. For snacks I eat string cheese and celery, or almonds, or (later in the day) good olives and marinated mushrooms.
Hang in there! It takes a while for your body to get used to your new, healthy, habits. it will get easier!

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