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powercycle 08-20-2012 03:50 PM

3rd time's a charm?
Hello folks,

I've decided to lose some weight, again. Hopefully this time for good as it will only get harder to lose it the older I get. I've slowly yo-yo'd since my college days from 200lbs ('98) to 180lbs ('99) to 260lbs ('03) to 175lbs ('07) to 245lbs ('10) to 235lbs. I've lost the extra poundage twice before so I know the real challenge is to keep it off! My weight has been stable lately.

I'm already pretty active. I commute year round to work by bicycle. It's 12-15km each way and I average 20-25kph. I also lift weights but not as often as I used to a year ago. That's going to change once I finish cleaning the basement of my new house and finally setup the home gym.

Despite the excess weight my doctor gives me a clean bill of health. :) Goes to show what exercise alone can do.

I know my weakness is food. Especially the quantities! :o I love eating yummy delicious food!

Oh, and beer. Craft beer in particular. I love a good pint or two of beer. :D

So I've decide to join in order to keep me honest with what I put in my body.

Wish me luck and thanks for your support.

JaimeMWS 08-20-2012 05:01 PM

Welcome! Your bicycling to work will really help you maintain your weight loss this time. Many of us find that this site really helps us learn to enjoy food just as much while eating less. Here's hoping it is the key you need to help you to your goals :)

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