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NastasjaShutt 08-13-2012 08:23 PM

Hi! I am new to FITDAY! I am a 20 year old bride-to-be hoping to shed 30 pounds from my 5 foot 4 inches 170 pound body before my big day on June 1st 2013! Goal weight is 140

I am terrible at working out. I don't have much motivation, despite that fact that I have low self esteem due to my weight and over eating addiction. I am addicted to Coca-Cola and am currently trying to kick the habit!

I used to jog, but I had an accident and so jogging doesn't work for me anymore even though I like to do it every now and again! My fiance and I bike about 4 miles very morning together but we don't do much else in the way of maintaining proper exercise and eating habits.

I started Zumba last week and I love it! I already have bought the collection of 7 DVDs to do at home and also plan to go to the group 3 times a week with a few women in my family and friends circle. :)

Has anyone had a great deal of success with Zumba?!

RunbikeSki 08-13-2012 11:02 PM

Welcome NastasjaShutt

Hey, you sound like me 2.5 years ago! Started at 172, and lost ~30lbs in 3 months. It is very doable, but it will take a little shake-up in the routine. Every says weight loss begins in the kitchen and ends at the gym and I couldn't agree more!

Starting by tackling the cola addiction is a great way to begin. That alone should reduce your calorie intake by a couple hundred (or more) calories. Lots of our ladies start with that one, then move on to the next dietary trouble spot. Beleive me, and about a million other users, logging your food will be an eye opener :eek:. Use that information to see what you need to work on next.

I really hope you can find an exercise or activity that will amp up the number of calories you burn. Biking is a great one, BTW. And Zumba has gotten rave reviews, so keep it up.

Although my diet is now very good, I find that the difference between maintaining a dropping a few pounds is in the amount of aerobic exercise I get. When I am consistent 3 or 4 days a week I can drop a pound or 2 a week. When I slack off I don't tend to gain very much, but I sure don't lose no matter what my calorie intake is. But then again, I have a few years on you :D

rpmcduff 08-14-2012 08:16 PM

Welcome, again I find myself agreeing with Pam. (She must be pretty good at this advice stuff!) I too was a Coca-Cola addict consuming at least 3 a day at one time. Now water is my drink of choice. Like Pam said, your diet is 80% of the battle. Be consistent with your exercise and you can hit your goal. I have an old knee injury that keeps me from running. I would love to but the knee just won't take the pounding. I have found that I can run everyday on an elliptical machine. Don't know if you have one available where you do the Zumba class but I have found it to be a great option to running with all the cardio benefits.

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