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orkers 08-06-2012 05:17 PM

new here and disabled
hi all.
i have finally bitten the bullet and joined yet another forum hoping there is someone who understands my issues rather than people saying "you can hardly walk, what do you expect"

im sarah, im a 35yo "single" mum with 5 children at home (aged 15,13,7,3 and 2) i have had epilepsy and asthma for as long as i can remember but in the last 16 months i have been diagnosed with cysts in kidneys, gallstones (still awaiting surgery) and arthritis.

mobility is a huge issue for me which makes exercise very difficult. i have had major weight issues since i was a child (i was diagnosed with bulimia when i was 11 and again when pregnant at 21) but am fighting very hard not to get into that position again.
since giving birth to my youngest daughter 2 years ago i have gained 3 stone on top of the 1 i already had to lose and now im struggling.

anyway, thats my intro for now and i look forward to "meeting" you all.
please, if anyone has any tips to help me improve my health by losing this weight, im happy to read them :)

cjohnson728 08-06-2012 05:36 PM

Welcome to FitDay :). I like your attitude of not giving up and just letting things stay the way they are.

You might try internet-searching something called Sit and Be Fit; I don't have firsthand knowledge of it but it's been discussed here before and is a way of exercising that does not involve being up and around.

As for tips, check out these links...that's a pretty broad question to ask, but this link should be helpful. FitDay Discussion Boards - Threads Tagged with fitday best of series

wildbeanerz 08-06-2012 05:45 PM

Welcome! Good for you for not just giving up on yourself. Sounds like you have your hands really full with being a single mom alone and then add in mobility problems. Wow girl! That's a lot!

I have also heard of the Sit N Be Fit program but haven't tried it myself. I would bet though that increasing range of motion in your upper body would have to increase your chances of losing some weight.

Jump in on some threads and get to know the rest of us. There is nobody here who is going to say "you can hardly walk, what do you expect" ... That is not the way a supportive forum should behave and we don't have that around here.

orkers 08-06-2012 05:53 PM

thanks for the replies :)

thankfully my ex is here a lot to help with the little ones right now but it is hard. i think thats what gets to me most, seeing others do things with them that i have always taken for granted.
i have been told one of my main issues is i dont eat enough (due to gallstones) but there has to be a way around it.
thanks for the hint about the sit n be fit, will have a look for that shortly and have a better look around the forum (once ive got a little peace from the younger 2 lol)

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