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sarcroth 06-10-2012 01:12 AM

Hello, Everyone!
Hello! My name is Sarah and I'm new here. I'm a 21-year old vet tech student and I work at a doggy daycare and boarding facility. I love animals and I own a 13-year old German Shepherd, a 5-year old Turkish Van, and a 5-year old Irish Sport Horse gelding.

The horse is the reason I've decided to get back to dieting and exercising more. He's a baby, and he's quite strong, so I decided that in order to be able to safely handle him that I need to bulk up on muscle and lose some weight to make riding him more comfortable. I've got calves of steel from riding, but absolutely no upper body strength, so that's the biggest thing I need to work on. If anybody has any at-home exercises to strengthen arms that they could give me, I'd greatly appreciate it! Or any exercises for equestrians. :)

I've tried dieting before, but I could never really get into counting calories and keeping track of my workouts. But then I found FitDay and I really like the ease of use of adding food and activities, and the graphical representations of weight loss and calorie intake. So I'm hoping that I'll be able to stick with it and lose that weight and gain that muscle! :)

cjohnson728 06-10-2012 01:28 AM

Hi Sarah, welcome to FitDay! You'll be surprised how addictive it is to count, log, and record :). Please jump into the forums and get to know us!

I'm sure your abs are fairly strong from riding, too. Arm and shoulder wise, you can always start with the good old fashioned push up. Do you have any free weights?

Enjoy your babies...I was just at the vet with my drama queen cat this morning!

sarcroth 06-10-2012 01:37 AM

Thanks for the welcome! My back and abs are pretty strong (although a little flabby). When I was going to the gym I could 100 crunches with 70lb weights. But I have trouble even lifting a 20lb free weight haha! I've been working with resistance bands, and when I do manage to get to the gym I'll do some free weights and dead lifts, but I rarely get to the gym. I've been trying to remember to do some push ups and crunches before bed, but I forget a lot haha. :)

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