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greeneyedmtgirl 05-05-2012 04:08 PM

Started today
I've been reading some of the posts and it looks like this is the place for me. :) If anyone has any tips for a newbie, I would appreciate it. I feel gung ho at the moment, but know I will need to keep motivated.

I am 47. 5'5 182 pounds. Medically healthy, but I look in the mirror and I cant believe it's me.

I dont feel like I look. Luckily no health problems, just extra uncomfortable weight.

I have a few important events coming up in September and would like to be able to look as good as I feel, and wear pretty clothes comfortably. :) (Does that make sense to anyone?)

I'd like to be able to help motivate others as well as myself.

tindysdailyapple 05-05-2012 08:35 PM

I definitely know what you mean about clothes! I'd love to throw anything on and know I look good, rather than spending two hours figuring out which combination of pieces will hide my "problem areas"
Message me when the gung ho feeling starts to die, I will send you some motivation :)
It always helps me to motivate others, I know what a big difference it makes, I'm lucky that one of my close friends is training me at the gym most days and really pushes me.

greeneyedmtgirl 05-05-2012 10:42 PM

Thank you!

greeneyedmtgirl 05-09-2012 05:55 PM

Weight loss
I was very surprised when I got on the scale today and saw that I had lost 4lbs. I think having to log every item I eat and the amount of water I am drinking is helping me. I usually dont drink any water and I tend to not eat all day until I get ravishingly hungry at the end of the night. I really like that I can keep track of my calories so easily.
My only issue is that I am still feeling lazy and have a slight headache every morning.

rpmcduff 05-10-2012 07:47 PM

Just keep making healthy choices and limiting your calorie intake. Start with an activity like walking to get yourself off the couch. Or try to find some of the Zumba or dance based exercise videos that may not seem like so much of an effort (its just dancing, right?)

Congratulations on your success so far! I like the Transfomation of the week articles on (free site) when I need a boost of motivation. They have Men, Women Teens and Over 40 yrs Old categories. Normal people who decided to make a change.

tindysdailyapple 05-11-2012 05:12 PM

I'd refrain from starving yourself all day and only eating one meal a day and here are a few reasons why:

-you can't keep up that eating pattern forever so when you start eating normally again, you'll gain the weight back which will be frustrating. We want to create permanent HEALTHY lifestyle choices that will keep the weight off in the long run.

-you can't workout as much/as well if your body isn't properly fed so you don't get the maximum benefit of your precious exercise time.

-you feel lazy and sluggish from lack of proper nutrition which isn't gonna make you wanna work out or make good eating choices, you want to feel ENERGIZED and invigorated by your choices!

This list could go on for DAYS but I'd really encourage you to re-think your eating style. Here are some suggestions that I've tried:

-eat a healthy, moderate sized breakfast within 1.5 hours of getting up to get your metabolism going!

-don't eat until you are hungry. I find that if I eat two eggs and some fruit for breakfast at 9 am I don't really want to eat again until 2 pm. When you start to think your hungry, make yourself wait 20 minutes, if you still think your hungry then eat. Often I find that I want to eat due to boredom and if I distract myself from 20 minutes, I find I'm not really hungry. But I do eat within an hour of starting to ACTUALLY feel hungry.

-eat protein and fiber, with a moderate amount of healthy fats so that you stay full and satisfied for much longer.

-eat lots of veggies and some fruit, not only are they good for you, they are pretty low calorie!

-still drink LOTS of water, it really helps!!

Feel free to ask me any questions or anything you might wanna know.

greeneyedmtgirl 05-14-2012 04:50 AM

Thank you for the suggestions. I have changed my eating habits since I started here a week ago. :) Making sure I eat breakfast. You are so right that if I wait till 9 or 10 to eat breakfast, I dont think about lunch until 1 or 2. :)

greeneyedmtgirl 05-14-2012 04:53 AM

Thank you Ron :) I work from home and have to force myself out of the house once a week for a hike with friends. I always feel better after going, its just getting there and starting that is hard. The rest of the week, I try and use my ellipitcal machine, but it's also hard to just get going. Encouraging words from the members here are really important. I am actually going to go get on my elliptical right now. :)

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