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LHarr 03-27-2012 03:25 AM

Happy Birthday to Me!! - Goal
Hello, I am new and joined the forum for encouragement, both to get and give. Speaking of giving, I made a birthday promise that I would quit talking about my weight and get on a healthy program to lose..(losing and good health are what I Give myself for big 47 Birthday- I started by telling my boss that for the next few weeks I will be wearing these exercise clothes to work so I walk at lunch no excuse to get out of walking during lunch and eating during mid morning break.
Time is running out so I need a cheering squad and I extended my phase 1 of the new diet to April 23. I have to go back to suits after this week but feel I am on a routine I will keep, this is because I invited a few others at lunch so now I am not without a way to encourage and be encouraged.

So is there any bunch of you who want to chat
- try this at work, talk about the funniest conversation during the walk or how people pair up- or what ever you feel to share- Male and female.

I will be 47 this week. I started a new after 26 yr marriage have 1 (Awesome) grown Son, and work full time.

fit4luv 03-28-2012 04:21 PM

LHarr ~

Way to go on putting action into your goals. With that attitude you'll soon realize your result goals. I really hope that the others at lunch stay in the program with you. What a wonderful idea to bring fun & accountability into your routine!

You may want to check out the link on the bottom of my signature that Vito, a fellow member, so patiently pulled together. There are loads of ideas & encouragment around this board.

Read & post & enjoy!

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