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7kitties 02-24-2012 02:00 PM

Hi, my husband found this site for his food journal and showed it to me last night. I found the forum part this morning and I am so excited to have a place to come and seek out others who are working on their weight.

My whole life has been a big yo-yo. I have been as small as a size ten (when I was 20) and up to a 22. I recently found myself at a size 22/3X and decided enough is enough. No more excuses. I was also diagnosed with arthritis and realized weight loss will make the pain much easier to bear. I have lost 15 pounds and feel so much better already.

As my name says, I have 7 cats. I used to think it was odd, but in my job, I find a LOT of people have that many (or more) cats. No more crazy cat lady stigma :)

Just an overweight stigma :(

cjohnson728 02-24-2012 02:25 PM

Hi 7 kitties, welcome to FitDay. Have a look around the site, check out the "Best of FitDay" series of threads, and jump on in. If there are any questions not answered in the Best of's, put it out there and someone will try to help.

I have been accused of being on the crazy cat lady track, but I only have 3 at the moment. I have to ask, though, what is your job that's caused you to encounter so many mulitple-cat folks? ;)

Congrats on your success so far!!

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