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renee_k 02-22-2012 11:38 AM

young mom with unwanted lovehandles
Hello y'all!
My situation might not be desperate to some of you... but it's really depressing me. went from a nice hourglass halle berry-ish figure to .... well,.... lots of love around my belly. And it doesn't help that I'm working from home, with the fridge constantly tempting me :-s
My weight: 130lbs
My goal: 120lbs.
Help! I can't seem to find motivation!

amalthea1892 02-22-2012 11:18 PM

I know how you feel! I'm in a similar situation - about 131lbs and trying to lose about 10 to get back into the low 120's. I may be at a healthy weight at 130, but I don't feel good with the post baby weight around the middle, which I would really love to lose and keep off.

I can find motivation by putting on my favorite Levis 515s and then trying to sit down. If I can't breathe it is time to step it down a notch on the food and up a notch on the water.

I also find motivation by keeping up with the weight chart on FitDay. I love charts and graphs and it is great motivation to see even a little progress when the line goes down instead of up. I got a great dightal scale on Amazon, which measures to the tenth.

Also may help to post a picture of Hallie Berry on the front of the fridge ;-)

fit4luv 02-24-2012 03:56 AM

We are all in different points on our journey.
Renee ~

I think it's wonderful that you joined FitDay for your fitness goals. I, like amalthea, also enjoy charts on FitDay. Please feel more than welcome to stick around & participate on the forums! The people here help me to get back on board when my motivation wanes.

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