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Suzy666 01-29-2012 09:30 AM

Hi happy fit lubbers, I am nowhere and have started
A low carb diet so hopefully I wil lose a bit of weight, anyone who would like to be a buddy feel free to reply. All the best

bbwkitten 01-29-2012 02:01 PM

Welcome to fitday :) I just came here the other day myself...
But have been losing weight(slowly but surely lol) for the past 3 years. :)
You can do it!

I started off with making small changes, like no exercise to 5 mins a day, to 10 mins, til i was able to do an hour or more. :) then i worked on my food.. i am a picky eater, so that will never be perfect lol.. but i cut back on all the junk i was intaking... you would feel a heart attack comin on just hearing how i used to eat. Get to work and buy a greasy breakfast, for lunch have a greasy lunch and 3-4 times a week(probably more) order in supper.

And in between all that would have the chips, chocolate and pepsi. Cut wayyyy back on all that and now just have it once in awhile. I believe in never cutting things out totally, otherwise it wont last. It would totally backfire on me and id binge on it all and then just quit. Would miss it too much haha. But once in awhile is ok. :)

Good luck, you can do this!!

VitoVino 01-29-2012 03:15 PM

Welcome to FitDay.

We have a place where you can request a diet buddy if you want:

New here - looking for a diet buddy...?

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