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bbwkitten 01-28-2012 11:56 PM

Hey everyone, I joined this site years ago(said 2007 in my profile lol) but never really used the site. Been with other sites, but now thought i would check things out here. :)

So i started my weightloss journey in Feb, 2009 and have lost approximately 76lbs since then... was 370 and am now about 294.1. It has been a long and difficult process but well worth it. :) I will get to my goal just like you all will! We can do it. :)

Anyways.. my name is Megan, hope people reply and tell me their own stories. :)

ToriD1012 01-29-2012 12:17 AM

Hi Megan! First of all let me say Welcome to FitDay! I've only been here for a few months, and I love it. The site, the community, everything. Congrats on your weight loss so far!!! Be sure to check out all the different forums, especially the Women's Forum. There's a log of great ladies over there who are more than willing to offer advice, encouragement and support. One of the things that I love the most here is that it doesn't matter your level of fitness, we're all here to help each other. Whether you're trying to lose 10 pounds, 110 pounds, or just here to maintain....we're all in it for the same reason, to be the best that we can be. When you pop over to the Women's Forum make sure you check out the 7 Day Motivational Thread. It's a weekly thread where we post our goals, keep each other accountable, and offer motivation and support. It's also where we get harrassed by Mike (or maybe I'M the only one getting harrassed by Mike:p). He's the resident Alpha Male in our group, helps keep us cackling hens in line. When you first read the thread you're automatically gonna go "oh no, there's no way I can keep up with this", you just have to remember that NEITHER CAN WE! We not only talk about our goals, we chat about whatever we feel like. If you're having a bad day, POST IT!! If you're having a good day, POST IT!! I've found that the more active I am on the boards, the better I do.

I wish you success! Hope to see you around!!

fit4luv 01-29-2012 04:08 AM

Welcome, Megan, to the forums - a living & breathing community! I'm glad you made yourself known. I'm brand new here - as of last December. So I think you could tell me a thing or two!:)

What has drawn me here is the fantastic community. I hope you continue to post around here & share your insights. You may want to check out "FitDay's Best of Series" as compiled by Vito (moderator). See my signature. You'll find lots of great resource there with wonderful links included.

My story? Well, in short it's this. I've yo-yo'd with weight throughout the years. I've struggled with self-image. I've struggled with depression. My blood levels as of last December were whacky & so that with family history of diabetes & heart problems "lit the fire" under my feet. I now have more energy & have started a downward trend with weight loss.

Here's hoping that you continue with the forums here & for your continued success toward your fitness goals.

01gt4.6 01-29-2012 05:09 AM

Welcome back Megan. Congrats on your loss thus far.

My story is simple, I was tired of being fat and realized that my excuses were holding me back. I talk about it here.

As Tori said, the 7 day thread is awesome. I don't just harass her, I do it to everyone but the also harass me as well. It's all in the name of fun.

Like luv said, check out the link in her signature. It's full of some great info.

SPAMLEY 01-29-2012 07:20 AM

Hi Megan
I've only been on here a week or so. Congratulations on the weightloss so far. Thats amazing. A real boost to hear your story for those of us who have that sort of weight to loose me being one of them. Really pleased for your loss. (Oh gosh, just realised what i wrote - its not very often you can say that is it!). I'm off to look at your 100lb year!

bbwkitten 01-29-2012 01:48 PM

Thanks for the welcome everyone. :)

I finally decided to lose the weight cause just getting everywhere was exhausting and took forever.. like for instance... at work, just walking to the bus would take me 20-30 mins, cause id stop on the way to take breaks cause i couldnt walk that far.. now it takes me a total of 7 mins from my desk to the bus. :)

Also, im not getting any younger(37 now, 34 when i started) and want to have a family and it isnt a good idea to be getting pregnant at 370 lbs lol(or even what i am now at 294). But, no worries on that since i have no one in my life anyways :(

I am hoping that with the weight loss will also bring me confidence and bring me out of my shell of being soooo shy. I talk to no one unless i know them. lol Even if people come over to talk to me, its almost like im thinking, what are they talking to me for? i dont know them. haha I really need to get out of that..

Ok this was a bit long, sorry about that. :p
ETA: btw tori, i saw your msg last night but got sidetracked with your stupid signature on nemo lol grrrrr clicked it and then was watchin all the nemo videos, i loooove nemo... my favorite is "can i help you" "there must be something seriously wrong with you!" from that movie hehe now i wanna watch it again lol

VitoVino 01-29-2012 03:22 PM

Hi Megan, welcome to FitDay!

I wish you all the best in your lifestyle change and weight loss endeavor.

Best wishes.

avidreader2012 01-29-2012 03:32 PM

Hi I'm new here too. Just joined today. I am trying to eat healthily but not really succeeding. I want to know too is anyone here in these forums who is a UK citizen. I have decided that I don't really want to do dieting but I do just want to monitor my food intake.

ToriD1012 01-29-2012 03:42 PM

Originally Posted by bbwkitten (Post 70708)
btw tori, i saw your msg last night but got sidetracked with your stupid signature on nemo lol gr(rrrr clicked it and then was watchin all the nemo videos, i loooove nemo... my favorite is "can i help you" "there must be something seriously wrong with you!" from that movie hehe now i wanna watch it again lol

Story behind the Nemo quote....I had just signed up and made my first post. Decided to do a quick search to find some kind of inspirational quote. I love animated movies (I'm a big kid at heart) and popped Nemo into the player and kind of ignored it and forgot that it was on. So, my search for quotes was getting fruitless....NOTHING I found fit what I think of when I think of "Tori". I swear to you, it was at the point that I had stopped looking when the "just keep swimming" scene came on. And it clicked. Sorry you got sidetracked with watching youtube videos though!

VitoVino 01-29-2012 03:43 PM

Welcome, avidreader2012.

There's plenty of people here from the UK. Stick around the Forums and you'll find them. ;)

Best wishes on tracking your foods. FitDay is a wonderful tool and a robust piece of software.

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