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Happyhawk 11-06-2011 02:23 PM

Returning FitDayer
Hi all-

Used this site for a while last fall but then stopped for so long that I could not remember my login and have had to start over! A little frustrating to lose my Custom Food list so I plan to stay with it this time.

Appreciate all the tips so far (would not have known to capitalize custom foods) and look forward to more. I don't have a lot to lose - goal is about 15 pounds - want to keep accountable with my calorie count.

I learned that it might be a good idea to calculate calories BEFORE I decide what to cook for supper. The after-the-fact calculation for the potato corn chowder we had for dinner turned out to be about 525 calories per serving! :eek: Not surprising- it had bacon, cheese, whole milk and butter. I think that it is easier to limit my portion of the same I'm cooking for my family rather than make separate food. We don't always have this rich of a meal.

mecompco 11-06-2011 03:04 PM

Welcome back!

I've used FitDay on and off for years and never realized the custom food list was case sensitive so don't feel bad. :o

Hope you stick around this time--FitDay works but you've got to use it. Nothing wrong w/a 525 cal meal, but it's nice to know you should only have one portion--two and you've got WAY over!

I really feel that the best approach to weight loss is (most of the time) eating good tasting, fairly nutritious "real" food in moderation. That way it is a permanent lifestyle change and there is/will be no reason to eventually give it up (as one would eventually do with a "diet").


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