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Ritsuko 10-29-2011 07:34 AM

Hi there everyone! I'm Ritsuko and I stumbled across this site by accident while I was searching about weight issues related to fashion.

Anyway, I'm an 18 year old college student from South East Asia, 1.56m & currently weighing 57kg.

I used to be overweight with BMI 25 or something like that.

However things started to change when my mom introduced Herbalife to me. I consumed Herbalife once but after that I stopped due to financial reasons and so we got Ensure to be drank as breakfast & dinner. At the same time, I drank slimming teas too. Back then, I was 17 and I weighed almost 70kg! :eek:

With motivation & support, I exercised and controlled my meals & changed my life style and went down to 58kg. :)

Recently, I've been eating only a big meal a day due to financial reasons[college student in boarding college]. Breakfast is usually breakfast/lunch and I'll usually snack on bread or hot cocoa. However I don't really jog or go to the gym these days because my finals are approaching. I only do stomach exercises in the dorm room. :o

Anyway, back to right now, I feel better than before but I dislike my horrible underbelly and I regret doing too many dumb bell exercises. I do love having muscles but I think I overdid it. I fear that I may not fit in my long sleeved clothings. :eek: But I would love to tone my arms & underbelly & my waist[dear lord, I lack of a waist & that makes my body look like a guy's].

Now after reading some articles on how Japanese models shed off their weight[big emphasis on drinking plenty of H20], I've decided to go for this new routine:

Breakfast- Wholemeal bread/nutritious buns/cereals & a glass of milk. Drink a glass of water BEFORE breakfast.

Lunch- Mixed rice, chicken rice or anything balanced. Water as drink or fresh fruit juices.

Tea break[if hungry]- Fruits or desserts[once a week].

Dinner- Rice & LOTS of veggies. Water as drink

Exercise- 30 mins a day of stomach exercise.

Jogging- Twice a week, 15-20 minutes.

Current weight- 57kg
Goal weight- 47kg

Any suggestions or ideas? I would be PLEASED & appreciate your thoughts.

01gt4.6 10-29-2011 10:49 PM

Welcome to FitDay. If you want to tone your arms, underbelly & my waist I would focus on a well rounded workout routine. I also wouldn't do 30 minutes of stomach exercises. A good ab routine should take a fraction of that time. Also, abs are like any muscle, they need rest. I wouldn't workout any muscle every day. Lastly, jogging and stomach exercises aren't going to do much for your arms.

tamishall 09-14-2020 03:56 PM

Very interesting topic)

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