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Rina42 10-16-2011 01:55 AM

Fitday Newbie
Hello Everyone :D
I am Rina & a new member just dropping in to say hello!!
Like everyone else here I am just looking to shed a few pounds, tone up a few muscles, & learn a few things in the process!

Between quitting smoking (6 months ago) & having hypo-thyroid issues I have really packed on the beef :eek: Anyways I have decided its time to find the old me (or at least try) and take back my life!! I am doing the Kettleworx exercises along with the couch to 5K & most importantly learning how to eat properly!

Best of luck to you all

VitoVino 10-16-2011 02:42 AM

You've got some challenges, for sure, but you're guaranteed success here one way or the other if you are determined. You'll learn a lot, that's success right there. You should be able to shed some, everybody else can and has. The exercise is up to you, but it goes hand in hand with dropping pounds so it's highly encouraged.

Don't forget to check out the excellent FitDay articles so you can get your success jump started: FitDay: Free Diet & Weight Loss Journal

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