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jbantau 09-24-2011 04:46 AM

Hello and help me with my food addiction, pls
I'm Jill. Nice to meet all of you. I've been using FitDay on and off for years. I've been thin and fit, moderately overweight and now not so moderately overweight. I am no stranger to what a nutritious diet entails and I have had great success with exercise in the form of weight training and running in the past. I have had stresses in my life just like anyone else does, but I think that in the past three years in particular I have used food to soothe my anxiety more than ever before.

This week I have successfully kept my caloric intake to an average of 1500 cals a day, but it has been extremely trying to do this. I work at home as a daycare provider and my access to food is unlimited. I've been trying to keep the junk out of the house. I used to buy food "for the kids" but I could never stay out of the treats and they never needed them anyway.

But I haven't eliminate everything "bad" (like a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich) so the temptation is still there and I'm beginning to think that it really is more than just lack of will power. I hoping to train myself to crave less food and crave less "bad food". (Which for me is salty, fatty, greasy) I like veggies just fine, but I do not easily choose a nice salad over popcorn shrimp and fries. I'm also going to be 34 in November and my system doesn't work quite as effortlessly as it did in my twenties.

I want to be thin, fit, and sexy again before it's too late. I want to run again and feel like I'm 34 and not 74.

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