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  • I recently saw a Nurse Practioner who recommended this site. I'm a long time WW member losing 100 pounds about 8 years ago. Over the last year, my weight has gradually crept up 10-15 pounds and the things I used to do to keep weight off have not been working. My NP has suggested increasing protein intake and lowering the amount of carbs and fat. So, my mindset (and site location) had to change from calorie-counting to the kinds of calories I'm taking in. This site is perfect!

    I'd love to get this 10 pounds off by Christmas, but even more than that I'd love to stop gaining fat and increase lean muscle. I'm 53, so I realize that's a lofty goal but I just don't want to accept the "you're getting older so you're bound to gain weight and lose muscle" story.

    Anyone else following this kind of eating plan? Success? At this age?
  • Welcom mrsgoob,

    10 lbs by Christmas is totally do-able. You are definitely in the right place. Hop on over to the fitness section and check out the various exercise threads. If you are a runner/walker/biker the Team FitDay thread is very active and a bunch of us use the "did you exercise" thread to keep motivated. (I know there are a lot of lurkers who benefit w/o posting, so that's OK too, but it would be great to hear you stories.)

    And the women's section, especially the weekly motivation thread is super active. Sometimes too active it's hard to keep up, but lots of great people and tons of support.
  • Thanks, Pam. I'll look on that thread. Btw, your stats are great!
  • 10 pounds by christmas should be a cake walk. Gaining any noticable amount of muscle during that time will make it a little more of a challenge.
  • Quote: Thanks, Pam. I'll look on that thread. Btw, your stats are great!
    Thanks! Could not have done it without FitDay, and that's the truth!
  • hi

    I just joined yesterday and I am lookin 4 results like u I'm 53 also

    I wish u all the best.....We can do it