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  • Hi people. Just discovered this very cool website and I've just spent the last 90mins entering all of today's food onto the planner. I'm a vegan (obviously ) and I'm going to use FitDay as way of roughly estimating my daily nutrient intakes in order to highlight any nutrients I may be lacking (only been vegan 6-7 months). I did a lot of research before going vegan and I'm pleased to report that I am more than meeting the RDA for nearly all of the vitamins and minerals (only one days data I know, but today was very typical of my usual diet). But my calcium intake could be a bit higher. Vit D is fairly low but with it being summer at the moment I am making sure I get frequent sun exposure (don't worry, I'm in England so I'm not exactly frying here). Fats make up 35% of my diet, high as I expected but most of it is from MUFAs and PUFAs (I eat nuts,seeds, olive oli etc. daily). Still, I would like to lower my fat intake and increase protein intake a bit.

    I didn't realise there were free planners like this one so I'm very happy to stumble across FitDay, wish I found it months ago!

    It would be better if it also calculated iodine intake and omega 3-6-9 ratios as well but beggars can't be choosy I guess..
  • welcome to FitDay. I'm glad you're enjoying the site so far.
  • Tell you what, I'm getting a bit obsessive! Everytime I eat something I run to my PC so I can enter it onto my food journal

    Also realised that biscuits (my big weakness) make up a ridiculous amount of my calorie intake. I knew that was the case, but when you see it spelled out infront of you it really hits home.

    p.s Thanks for the welcome 01gt4.6!
  • Welcome to the site! Glad you find it to your liking.

    Sorry if this is personal but do you have weight loss goals that led you to become vegan or are you just seeking a healthier lifestyle in general?
  • Thanks wildbeanerz

    Fortunately I've never had any weight issues so I had other reasons for going vegan, health being one of them. I do believe it can be an effective diet for some people seeking weight loss though.
  • Thanks for explaining and welcome to the group!
  • Welcome Vegantastic! If you are looking to up your protein intake, I suggest looking up some black bean burger recipes online. Fresh home made ones are much tastier, fresher, and lack all the sodium and other junk in the processed stuff sold in stores. Also, there is a vegan friendly protein supplement I use called PlantFusion which is made by NutraFusion. It is a multi sourced plant protein that tastes good and dissolves well.
  • Thanks for the tips Gnomekicker