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ambacrombie 07-11-2011 04:41 PM

Hey Everybody!!
I'm a newbie, I've used fit day since last fall but never got into the forums before, I was on the low carb forums somewhere before and clean eating forum recently but they are closing so here I am......
I REALLY enjoy all the tips and different points of view here. My story basically is I was always 105 to 120:D lb till 2002, I started sitting more selling on ebay, then I started running an office for my husband, I had a girl helping me that bought chocolate....150 lb here I come....I think I got up to almost 170:eek: at some point...I had lyme...I've been trying to lose the rest for years now but I LOVE bread. Right now I can feel the difference in my clothes, I've only lost maybe 5 lb after about a month but I'm keeping on. My parents were both obese and my brother has diabetes, my dad had it and I don't see any reason why I have to have it...
Oh yeah, I had two girls, married a man with 5 kids almost 20 years ago...I'm 53, and we have 13 grandkids soon to be 14....:)
Does the fitday app only work on iphone or is there one for android too? I'm thinking about buying a new phone.

RunbikeSki 07-11-2011 08:08 PM

Hi Theresa,
I'm well into my 50's too... married w/o kids though.
I joined FitDay almost 2 years ago and got serious about reducing the calorie load in Jan of 2010 - the results are in my signature. And believe me FitDay was the difference between years of "trying" and 5 months of success.

Like many of us here, I never met a carb I didn't like including good breads. But I have learned to: 1. Eat only the very best bread. If it isn't the most tasty product the yeasty-beasties make I don't eat it. And 2. Save bread for a periodic treat rather than a daily staple. I admit to still missing it especially the ease of sandwiches for lunch. But you know what? There are lots of tasty things to eat out there and it's not like if I don't eat bread today I won't be able to eat it at a later date.

So, welcome again and keep us posted on your progress.

ambacrombie 07-12-2011 04:57 PM

Thanks for the welcome Pam, size 4 and 135 must be in shape!!! I was thinking maybe I needed to rethink my goals...I was just barely under 120 lb in 2001 and I had a pair of size 0 jeans I could get into and breath in...maybe it wasn't pretty but I could get into them...LOL It's so nice to hear from someone my own age that has accomplished their goals. I actually read somewhere it may be easier to gain muscle now that estrogen isn't running so rampant in our bodies??
Thanks for the advice about the bread, I LOVE homemade whole wheat bread and rolls...jelly doughnuts are good too but I know they are best gone from my life forever!:eek:
I'm trying Jillian's Making the cut workout today (as soon as the phone quits ringing and I can quit looking up things on the internet!). I've been doing her sculpt dvd phase 2 and her shred it dvd phase 1 for a couple weeks now off and on and that's when I started seeing little tiny results.:)

wildbeanerz 07-12-2011 05:23 PM

Welcome to the site Teresa! Best wishes in your journey back to the slim you!

RunbikeSki 07-13-2011 12:24 AM

I've read that too, that the lower estrogen levels have an effect on fat and muscle patterns. Mostly it seems we are much less likely to pack the layers around the tummy and hips (yeah!). Instead we get that lovely back fat :eek:.

Keep up the good work with the DVDs. Some of the ladies here are so disciplined with the home workouts, I really admire them. Other than running (which is zen to me) I need to be among people to get the weight training in.

Hop on over to the Women's corner, or the exercise section and check with the folks there. I am sure you will have lots to add

ambacrombie 07-13-2011 12:49 AM

Thanks wildbeanerz, fit day REALLY helps me see how much I've eaten!! Like today I've been starving and it's 7 pm...I'm only like 100 calories away from my total but I KNOW I'll be hungry again....
Thanks for the advice Pam...I don't know why I don't want to run...probably because we live in a rural area, I could run up and down the gravel road or up and down the airstrip (not used for planes but could be) but you can see all that from the highway.....I might try it, walking down to the pond and dragging the lab puppy around seems to be good exercise...he can run free but I think he needs leash trained....come to think about it when I was leash training him I had my biggest weight loss.

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