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debduck 07-06-2011 07:41 PM

debduck saying 'hi'

I'm on day one of neris and India's 'idiot proof diet: from pig to twig'. very similar to south beach/atkins/etc

So, hello. How are you?

The first day has gone well, I've enjoyed my food - bacon and eggs, chicken and pastrami salad, steak au poivre - mmmmmm

So, if it's this easy I should be able to keep it up, right?

mecompco 07-07-2011 01:24 PM


Congrats on your success so far. Low carbs has worked well for me in the past, but do keep in mind that when all is said and done that it is "calories in vs. calories out" that causes weight loss (or gain).

Read through the forums and you'll find lots of great people to help you on your journey.


5pringer 07-13-2011 11:08 AM

Hi DebDuck, I have joined here today and doing the idiot proof diet too! How are you getting on? Only day one for me, buth ave done atkins before and it worked very well for me! x

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