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arabella11 06-01-2011 01:39 PM

Newbie here
Good morning! My name is Lisa and I just joined this morning. I am 44, 5'4" and weigh 297 lbs. That is down from the 307 lbs I weighed a month and a half ago (was really sick with pneumonia) I have 4 kids and 1 super grandson. I have fought with my weight my entire adult life. I have used every possible reason to justify it; bad marriages, depression, PCOS, PTSD, anxiety, diabetes, etc. I have finally come to the realization that I may have these problems (except the bad marriages- got rid of those) but they aren't the reason I am overweight. So, I have made it my goal to figure out a way to use each of these as stepping stone to a healthy me rather than a roadblock. I look forward to meeting new friends here and learning more from everyone!:D

almeeker 06-01-2011 01:54 PM

Welcome to the forum, this is a great place to check in for a little daily motivation. I'm sorry to hear you've been sick, but hey the 10 lbs is a nice kick off for your weight loss journey anyway. I always say that I was born on a diet, so I totally relate to that "been fat forever" feeling. Good luck honey, and if you have any questions or need to vent, don't be a stranger.

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