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teachme2luv 04-28-2011 11:05 PM

introducing myself
Hi all,
I am starting over on a diet I did a few years back and lost over 80 pounds.
I went off it and gained it all back. I have several types of arthritis, the newbie being gout.
Got very tired of trying to do other peoples reditions of diets, e.g. richard simmons, dr. phil... so I made my own up called by my name lol

it was a mixture of the mediteranian type style eating and ours here in the good ole usa.. Even tho so many times my fat content went well past 35% it was good fats i was eating. Olive oil, avacados, nuts..etc... Maybe a few ounces of meat a day and lots of lugumes and beans.. I NEVER felt hungry, not ever.. and my caloric intake was between 1200 and 1500 per day..

Started out with a blood test showing cholestrerol very very high and also my blood pressure. That is what prompted me to diet.. within a month both problems were solved. Because I went back for another blood test to confirm.
I felt great... but, but, but......
I HATE MY KITCHEN. I dont want to be bothered by cooking all the time.
With me, eating every 2 hours did very well for me, I lost very nicely and like I said before, I was never hungry. My hatred for my kitchen is really what caused me to shuck my diet. haha... Now.. Im back at it again, because now I have gout to add to my ailments, which has came back since I decided I hated my kitchen, more than I loved myself. haha :p

Ok, enuff of me... how are you all doing with your life changes?


01gt4.6 04-29-2011 02:41 AM

welcome to FitDay! It sounds like your plan works well for you when you are on it. Good luck with it. I assume you are eating more red meat, which is why you have gout??

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