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katiemae20 04-13-2011 06:06 AM

hey yall
hey guys hows it goin. my name is katie mae. im turnin 20 this weekend !:eek:! can totally not believe it lol but anyways i weight probably a good 285 pounds right now startin off again. when i was 16 i weighed around 360 and had gotten down to about 260 but unfourtanetly laziness procrastination and winter has rather detered my weight loss and ive gained a few pounds. im pretty mu8ch doin all this on my own i have noone other than myself to motivate me. my bf doesnt care so its all me lol positive feedback would be greatly appreciated along the road. im about to start the daily logs on here. they are pretty neat although i dont quite grasp the activity log. but anyhow some friendsto help me along my way would be great on here yall :D

dear_abby 04-13-2011 01:54 PM

Hi KatieMae,

Be very proud of taking you life under control - others can help, and you'll find a lot of that here, but as you know, you're the one who makes it happen.

Good luck!

mecompco 04-13-2011 04:15 PM

KatieMae, welcome to FitDay and the forums.

I was about the same size you were in high school, so I know how it goes. Managed to get down to around 175 at 21, then put it all (plus) back on over the years.

Once you get a food and exercise plan that works for you you'll be amazed at how fast the weight will come off. Good for you that you're doing it now, while you're young--it gets tougher with age!

There's plenty of great people here to lend support. You might check out one of the 100 + to Lose threads (one in Diet Tips and one in the Women's forum). We're also doing a Lose 10% of your body weight challenge by the 4th of July over in Diet Tips if you're interested.

What, specifically don't you get about the activity log?


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