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Northernpt 03-23-2011 09:03 AM

Sorta new been here since Feb
What can I say I was always active in life wrestled for 12 yrs did powerlifting and bodybuilding and was a personal trainer in a metro area. When I moved back to my small home town and started the famly thing I got lazy and didnt make time to train well about 6 or 7 yrs later instead of a fit 210 I was 280ish in Jan of this year, at 5'8'' thats not pretty and I needed to do something about it for myself. I used my knowledge base to build a workout without cardio machines or running just rubber tubing and body weight exercises and reduced my cals and started home cooked healthy meals. Well its now almost the end of March and I hit 230 for my 32 b-day now my goal is to get to 200ish by mid october. In theory that should drop me to about 10% body fat and pretty darn athletic feeling. I say athletic cause thats how I built the 7 month training program with 4 phases or cycles in it. Should be fun and Good luck and best wishes on everyones goals. Remember its all a start, we all start diffrent what matters is where you finish with your workout and goals, it all takes time.


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