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Hi! My name is April and I'm new here. I am looking for people who have been through the same things as I have with their weight. I have always been overweight. At 13 yrs old I was a size 16 womens. By 16, I was a 22W. And it has progressed until now at 33 I am a 28W. I am not at my worst weight because at my worst I was heavier than the 350 that the doctor scale would register.

I have always "wanted" to lose weight but just never really done anything about it. I ate what I wanted in whatever quantity suited me. Usually until there was no more left. My husband loves me very much and would never deprive me from anything that I want. But if asked he would tell me that he would prefer me to lose weight if only for my health. It is not that he doesn't find me attractive, because he does! I have two sons that are 13&14 yrs old, I have been married since I was 16. One of the biggest things that I think is that I don't want my kids to be embarrassed when their mom has to come to school for something.

I am not a slacker. I am a hardworking mom. I work full time and run a neat & clean house. We also have two boxers, two snakes and a saltwater aquarium. It is not that I just lay around doing nothing so I know that my eating habits are my problem.

Recently my work has announced a healthy weigh challenge where our nationwide company will donate to a national food bank company 1 lb of food per every pound of weight lost by our employees. We have formed teams to support each other. (My team is pretty non-existant though!) So starting on 02.21.11 I weighed in at 331.2lbs (5'10"). In the first week I dropped 6.8lbs and the next I lost 2.6lbs. So 9.4lbs in two weeks is a significant improvement for me! I only hope that I can keep going. I haven't really set a goal. I know that I need to ... even small ones.

What I have done to start my loss is to cut my calories back to 1500-1600 per day and add in walking minimum of 30 minutes per day. Also last night I started working my upper body on our home gym that my hubby picked up off craigslist this weekend! He is encouraging without harping on me and is listening to all that I keep rattling on about to him. My 13yr old loves to workout so the gym is technically for him but he is having fun showing his mom how to use it. They really want what is best for me.

Well ... thanks for reading all that if you made it to the end! Look forward to learning more about all of you as well!
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April, I saw your post in the 100+ thread first, but hi again!

You're plan is pretty much the same as mine--1500 cals, 30 minutes a day of exercise and drinking a ton of water. It's worked pretty well for me.

Keep us posted as to your progress and don't be a stranger.

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