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poohcl13 02-14-2011 07:52 PM

Started 2/12/11
Hi, I am new here and I just started this last Saturday.
My story:

Hmmm.... my story is that I had always been overweight, then I moved to Texas to live with my dad when I was 13. Just to get me out of the house while my dad was not home my stepmother had me in 4 sports (color guard, dance, softball, and swimming) most of the time I had 2 in one day (swimming practice at 5 am and then school then either color guard practice or softball and at one point I went from softball to dance AFTER being at swim practice and school that same day!). then my weekends were from a game or tournament to a swim meet and in May and November my dance recitals. So I ate what i wanted then too but never gained weight. Then my stepmother could not afford to keep me in everything anymore and sent me to live with my grandfather in NY. When I got here I was depressed from not being around any one, I felt like nobody wanted me and that my life was always going to be like this. So weight began to come back on because in Texas I never learned how to eat, I ate whatever fast food was closest to the next event and just kept going. So with that I put on about 30 pounds (I am and have been this whole story 5'5" and when I left Texas I was 98 pounds) bringing me to 128 pounds- that was healthy, but my grandfather and his girlfriend kept telling me that I was TOO skinny and needed to eat, so I did. I met my now husband and got pregnant and graduated pregnant (just like my stepmother told me I would) at 171 pounds (I was only 2 months prego at graduation). By the time my son came I weighed about 205, brought that down to 200 before my stepmother shipped my sick younger sister to me and she passed 14 days after coming to live with my family right in front of my son and I on our yard- that was REALLY hard to say the least and I had to bury her myself because both parents claimed they had no money or ties since she was 18 (9 days short of 19) when she passed. I have always thought that she's the lucky one- the one that had a chance and took it to get away from this life and family that we have. Two years after she died I tried out for biggest loser and I weighed close to 240 pounds. Now we are 3 1/2 years after she has passed (one year next month after trying out for the biggest loser) and I weighed in at 217.6 pounds on 2/10. I really want to get this weight off. For some reason I can maintain a high weight, but I can't get it any lower to maintain a low weight. I am on a strict diet from my doctor as I am pre-diabetes right now and after a month of this we are meeting again- he said that I should be out of the diabetes zone by then and under 200! So I am happy about that. But I still have this family (now trying to enter back into my life and secretly- I want them to only to rub it in their faces that yes you were right about me getting pregnant, but I'm still with that guy after 8 years (my son is 6) and we just bought a house at my age of 25 and his 26 AND he makes a good enough living that I don't have to work. I stay home and should be cleaning and he says like the doctor getting my weight down but I haven't been for the last 6 years).

I am rambling, anyway, my name is Heather and I want to lose weight because my sister isn't the lucky one, I am because I will be able to watch my son graduate high school and get married and have his own little babies and make sure that he NEVER has anything close to the life that I had as a child!

Anyway, HI!

Kumochi 02-14-2011 10:04 PM

Wow You have had a lot to deal with. Remember you are doing this for you -- and for you son so you will be there. I hope you can work out your issues with your family. Sometimes family is so toxic you are lucky if they stay away. Sounds like you have made a good life without much support from them.


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