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HappyJill 02-11-2011 05:40 AM

New On Here!
Hi Everybody!

I am just a beginner posting on this forum. Have been using FitDay on and off since April 2010, but sticking with it for the past 4 weeks every day! I am finding it a great help and incentive to continue getting my diet healthy and my weight lower!

I had to get serious about losing weight as my health is badly impacted. So far I have lost 14lbs in the past 4 weeks. I started at 285lbs. I want to lose a total of 120 lbs to reach my goal of 165lbs. I am 51 years old, 5 ft 9 inches tall, so that is a sensible goal to aim for. These changes have to be sustainable and permanent if I want to improve my health, increase my life span and see my 11-year-old daughter grow up!

I hope I will be able to offer support and the wisdom of an older woman to those who would like my input and get some in return!

HappyJill x :)

mecompco 02-11-2011 10:11 AM

Jill, already welcomed you in the 100+ thread, but welcome again! :D

With your obvious enthusiasm and committment I know you'll reach your goals.


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