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AAFlaca 01-20-2011 09:34 PM

Really like this place!
I'm 40+ and have come here off and on.
Years ago I lost 20+ pounds and kept it off for many, many years. I did it the traditional way....eating less and exercising. Later, I worked for a popular weight loss place for awhile.

About 3-4 years ago, I was under a lot of stress (a major project) and gained the weight I had lost and MORE. I was still exercising and eating more or less okay.

True, some days I had to skip exercise...but I always picked it up the next day. AND some days I ate more than I should.

AFter three years, I figured I would have gained at most 10 pounds and then I would get it off.

HOWEVER, I gained A LOT MORE AND when the stress was over, I COULDN'T get it off. Even when I went back to consistent exercise and dieting...the scale did NOT move.

So, I lowered my calories. I tried to eat only 900 calories a day (I'm short, etc.) but that did NOT work AND it was basically impossible for me to eat so few calories daily.

One day I got really sick and didn't eat hardly anything for a week. Interestingly, I did NOT lose ANYTHING that week. Not even a few ounces.

Over the last several months, my doc has been suggesting various things to change my diet and on my last appointment she spelled it all out for me. It is a diet that she herself uses and has enjoyed success with me. She only told me all of it when I told her I was seriously frustrated.

I've been posting it all....but she feels I might have some food sensitivities and I think she is right. So, I've eliminated sugar from my diet (did cheat on Christmas Day though) and basically have elminated dairy and bread.
She encourages LOTS of veggies, including juicing often.

This, combined with being more aware of food intake (journaling or Fit Day) has been working!

I have slightly (SLIGHTLY) increased my calories, and have slightly reduced my exercise!

Yet, the scale is moving (downward!) for the first itme in probably close to a year!

I still have to drink more water. We both believe it'll move faster once I do that.

For me personally (surely we are all a bit different) it was a matter of avoiding sugar completely and GREATLY reducing bread and dairy. This made a difference for me and I am most grateful.
Also important...keep calorie count on the low side, RECORDING food intake and CONSISTENCY.
BTW, this food plan she has put me on seems very similar to the one outlined in The Primal Blueprint (book by M. Sisson).

I'm so glad to be here...cause it is still VERY hard and the support is very very appreciated.

Sending good wishes for much success for us all. Thank you.

mecompco 01-20-2011 11:20 PM

That's great that you're getting some positive results. Congratulations!!!


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