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chihuahuasrus 01-10-2011 12:28 AM

New to this site...Not new to getting Healthy
I started my "Getting Healthy" Journey 2 years ago. I started out @ 135# and I made my goal of 110# 6 months later. Once I reached my goal I let myself enjoy life more, slowly cut the workouts. I Continued to eat right, but allowed my portions to increase a bit. Now I'm back up to 117# with a new goal in mind...I am striving for 105#, but what I really want is to firm up, gain some muscle (and I know, with that means more weight) I have a picture in mind of what I want to look like, and time frame in which to get there. I am not easily discouraged, and always acheive my goals. Failure is unacceptable in my world! I am always possitive and upbeat, and am happy to encourage others to be as well. Life is to short to let it get you down...
Remember, It's not the destination, but the journey that counts! So make it a good one!:)

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